Cats Needing Homes in Wytheville, Virginia

Wytheville Cat Shelter is located in Wytheville, Virginia. We accept stray and owner surrender cats from citizens of the Town of Wytheville. All stray cats are kept for 10 days if they have a collar, and 6 days if they do not, before going up for adoption/rescue. Cats/kittens will be posted as they come into the shelter in an attempt to find owners or potential adopters/rescues. Names given to each cat/kitten is for shelter purposes. Adoption is on a first come first serve basis, and is $20.00 (cash only) with a sterilization agreement to spay/neuter the animal within 30 days or before the animal turns 6 months old. Please understand this is the law, and there are legal penalties for not complying. We can legally only adopt out an animal to residents of Wytheville, Wythe County or a Virginia adjoining county. Out of state adoptions are only available for animals that are already spayed/neutered. We do our absolute best to find every animal a forever home.

Lost and Found Cats are featured on the Wytheville Cat Shelter Facebook Page

Wytheville Cat Shelter,
600 Atkins Mill Road,
VA, 24382

Please call 276-223-3397 to set up an appointment to visit with the cats and kittens. Face masks are required to enter the cat shelter if you are unvaccinated.

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